KANAKA emerges in January 2023 with the intention of responding to new needs in the real estate market.

The family and work model has changed in recent years, causing a new way of living and inhabiting properties that has been accelerated in the post-COVID era.

This has increased the demand for SINGLE-PERSON HOMES (LAT couples, separations, indefinite singleness, late families, work-related displacement, digital nomadism…) and for pleasant and functional work spaces within the home.

On the other hand, TRADITIONAL FAMILIES need to “disconnect” more and more from the routine and work pace imposed by consumer society, and they want to do it in a unique and unforgettable way in order to enjoy, rest, and recharge.

KANAKA offers fully equipped single-person apartments for the former and luxury villas with all amenities for the latter.


For Hawaiians, KANAKA means “person”, “human being”, or “native”, with an underlying connotation referring to the reclaiming of their cultural identity and the fight for their ancestral lands and roots during Western colonization.

In an era where we increasingly frequent IMPERSONAL and anonymous spaces, transient and lacking identity (planes, hotels, stations, shopping centers…), it is necessary to “come back home”, to the origin, to the primordial relationship with space and, by extension, with other human beings.

At KANAKA, we aim to combat the emptiness produced by “being on the move”, helping our guests to consciously regain the “being” and “staying” in a place.

Our nomadic apartments, unlike hotels or tourist apartments, provide the WARMTH OF A HOME in the city center and the opportunity to relate to the environment and other people.


Mónica Vicente Tamames

Founder and CEO of KANAKA. She is a digital nomad and a global citizen with a deep interest in personal and spiritual development for herself and society.

Born in Bilbao in 1974, she graduated with honors in Business Administration with dual degrees from Madrid (ICADE) and Boston (Northeastern University). She also studied Fine Arts (Complutense University and UB) and Political Science (UNED).

She has a Master’s degree in Marketing and Finance (ESADE and IESE), speaks several languages, and has lived in countries such as the United States, Italy, Ireland, and England. She has held managerial positions in multinational companies in the areas of Business Development and Process Improvement for most of her career.

Entrepreneur & investor

Mónica is a member of the Board of Directors of EO Madrid (“Entrepreneurs’ Organization”), a business organization with +17,000 members worldwide.

She is the creator of several companies, a shareholder and investor (navigation, digital marketing, audiovisual production, cryptocurrency mining, personal and professional development, real estate management…).


Along with her three children, “Món” is a well-loved public figure in Spain and Latin America thanks to their fun YouTube videos of challenges, games, and vlogs.

They have more than 10 million followers and over 3 billion views on their channels The Crazy Haacks”, Lady Pecas”, Món para los amigos”, and “Hoy no hay cole”, among others.


In her literary career, Mónica has published six children’s book series translated into several languages and with over 800,000 copies sold worldwide. Some of her most popular works include “La cámara imposible” and “El enigma del cuadro”.

In her new phase as a writer, Mónica targets adults with spiritual fiction novels based on personal growth, such as “Tienes un Ferrari en el garaje” and “La montaña de 7 colores”, which are already sold in several countries.


Mónica teaches entrepreneurship and social media courses and seminars on online platforms as well as in public and private institutions.

She also gives lectures on personal development based on “Purpose” and “Time Management,” and she is about to launch her own women’s empowerment platform to help women become their best version.

Coming soon… GranDIOSAS!